Seminar Kritisches Denken

Endlich ist es soweit. Das seit langem geplante Seminar zum kritischen Denken wird nächstes Wochenende im MHN Kontext stattfinden (Freitag abend bis Sonntag mittag). Gerade bin ich in den letzten Vorbereitungen. Themenblöcke werden sein:

  • Skeptisches Abendessen
  • Psychologische Fallacies (Fehlurteile, Entscheidungen, Emotionen, Wissen, Handeln, Selbstwahrnehmung, Gruppenpsychologie)
  • Argumentative Fehler (basierend auf diesem Dokument)
  • Politische Strategien (basierend auf diesem Dokument)
  • Forschung und Statistik
  • Medien

Bis aufs Medien-Thema werde ich sobald die Unterlagen “fertig” sind, diese auch hier verlinken.




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    A key detail is left out of Milbank's rant – what was the race of the US workers? If they were black, then Scott probably made the right political decision. Why go to bat for a demographic that will vote against 100 to 0 you while antagonizing a key campaign contributor? Better for them to migrate to another area more in tune with their political views.

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    23. Jeff G – fair point, but for my friend, he is looking for anything that can give him some evidence that there is something or someone or some force in charge of this world. good advice for him though. I will tee some of it up. I won’t bring up Alma since he has enough issues with the Bible, let alone introducing a new book of scripture.25. Nick Literski – in some ways being unable to prove God does NOT exist provides us humans a level of comfort.

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    I totally agree with you Kyle; as a Social Studies Teacher I feel completely violated by these new standards and I feel that my profession within Texas is undermined. Sadly, the majority of textbooks from the US are printed in Texas and the Social Studies War will wage on (since it has been a debate for decades now).

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    I don’t want to serve as Alex Jones’ debunker. No one will disenchant those who want to be convinced. It’s no different than a cult where the followers feel they have a hidden knowledge – and thus are special. I’ll simply say I have listened with an open mind and have found provable lies in every single video I’ve ever watched with Alex Jones. Check the facts in this video and you’ll find many things you can prove are false and presented to weave a false image.

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    Wilson, the tall whitespace bug is one that continues to plague Calibre (though I haven’t tested the latest release yet) wherein the top and bottom margins of the paragraphs are set to 100%. It’s a very ugly bug, but one of my more recent test uploads to Writing Life did not present this issue despite it having occurred in the past. It seems that perhaps it is fixed.I concur re: B&N, Sony, and Apple. Definitely not spending the money on a Mac for one single purpose. I’d rather run Linux, anyway.

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